Magnifico Madrid

22 Sep

Madrid is known in part for it’s beautiful architecture, so today I set out to find it. Not to say the city isn’t beautiful everywhere I’ve been so far, because it definitely is, but the buildings in El Centro are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The entire walk to Puerta Del Sol was beautiful, really. The surrounding area is filled with pedestrian streets packed with people and tons of shopping. And there is so much shopping to be done! Of course, H&M and Zara are here, but there are so many other trendy, affordable stores like Friday Project and Simbolo to name a couple.

Here are some pictures from walking down San Bernardo and around Puerto Del Sol and Gran Via, hope you enjoy!


I WISH I was living in these apartments on San Bernardo!

View of part of the city from the bottom of Gran Via

Church on Calle de Arenal off of Puerta Del Sol

El Banco

Another building on Calle de Arenal I found impressive, so much detail!


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