Busy?! No, not yet.

28 Sep

I am kind of surprised to find that I have a to-do list that keeps getting longer. Not that I’ve been expending almost any effort at all to get around to said list. I’m sure sleeping until whenever I want to isn’t helping, but I want to enjoy sleeping and sight seeing before start my job as a teaching assistant on Friday (I’m so nervous!).

Anyway, today was no exception to not getting to my to-do list. Instead I met a friend for lunch then walked around to more of Madrid’s beautiful plazas, cathedrals and palaces. My favorite plaza so far is Plaza Mayor. It encompasses all things I would consider European. It’s an enclosed square with shops and restaurants and ample outdoor seating all along the bottom floor and apartments with Juliette balconies on the top. Every entry way is arched. There are paintings on the buildings and statues in the square. Street performers are always playing either the violin or accordion, which is the same for many places here…there’s always background music to this gorgeous city! Here are a few pictures of Plaza Mayor…


Plaza Mayor

Even the sides of buildings are beautiful here.

Entry to Plaza Mayor from Calle de Toledo


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