These Shoes are Made for Walkin’

30 Sep

They aren't as old as they look.

Today I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to wear the most comfortable shoes I brought with me, and these are it…my very hot pink Nikes (that my boyfriend got for me…not very long ago, despite how dirty they are). According to the Facebook  page for Auxiliares, brightly colored tennis shoes SCREAM American (figures that’s exactly what I have!), but I think I pulled off a sporty-yet-not-unstylish-or-maybe-just-normal look. These are my running shoes, not that I’ve run one time since arriving to Madrid, even though I did have every intention of starting today. In my defense, I have literally walked at least 85-90% of the city in the past few days, which is why today I had to wear tennis shoes. My feet are killing me!

Today was just more running around, getting things done before I start working, helping friends find apartments and move, and, of course, ending with a beer at a bar with some friends and some locals speaking bad Spanish. I thought today would be more dramatic since there was a “huelga” in Spain. The public transportation workers were boycotting work in exchange for demonstrations for their rights and higher pay. I didn’t see any actual demonstrations in Madrid, and when I did have to use the metro today it didn’t take too much longer than usual. It was super packed, though. What I did see was the spray-paint and posters plastered all over the buildings along Calle de Gran Via. The posters claimed that stores and cafes were closed for the huelga even though they weren’t. I think this only deterred some business in the beginning of the day then quickly lost it’s effect. Even though it was anti-climactic, it was still something that wouldn’t usually happen in North Carolina!


Lefties, not really closed.

McDonald's, definitely not closed.


2 Responses to “These Shoes are Made for Walkin’”

  1. Kata September 30, 2010 at 10:27 am #

    Hey! I’m another Auxiliar from NC (living in Bilbao), just thought I’d say hey! Hope you’re loving it!

    • marisadstaton October 1, 2010 at 4:40 am #

      Hi! I think I pass a town by that name, or do you mean the metro stop?!

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