My Actual First Day Teaching

4 Oct

Today was my first full day at school with an actual schedule (yay!). I opted for the 8 a.m. bus that gets me there 15 minutes late rather than the 7:25 a.m. bus that gets me there 30 minutes early since I wasn’t sure whether or not they would know what to do with me today. Did I mention that it’s necessary to allow an hour and a half for my commute? (If you calculate that I am waking up WAY early!) Technically, it shouldn’t take an hour an a half, but today was the perfect example of why it sometimes might. First, the metro. I love the metro system here, like I said before it is super clean and easy to navigate. However, the subways also stops and waits in between stations…a lot…especially in the morning. Like most other things in Spain, the metro is laid back and not usually in a hurry. Second, the bus. It’s a least 5 minutes late, always. It also hasn’t once taken the same route to or from Manzanares since I’ve been working. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes. Other times it takes 1 hour 15 minutes. At least I have plenty of time to nap!

Anyway, work was great! Even though the day is kind of long (9 a.m. to 4 p.m., except Wednesdays when I get to leave early), it doesn’t feel that way. Classes are only 45 minutes so they fly by. Then there is a 30 minute morning break during recess and a 2 hour lunch, so there is plenty of time to relax and prepare. I will be assisting in English and Science classes and get to work with mostly 4th graders, which are my favorite! All of the kids are nice, even the ones that refuse to learn, ha. The teachers are great, too, and seem like they will be fun and easy to work with. The best part, though, is having Fridays off every week 🙂

The highlight of my day was when a two 3rd grade girls called me a hippie because I was wearing my favorite gold peace-sign earrings! LOL.



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