Mas Comida

9 Oct

I think I lost weight the first two weeks I was here, but I think the last few days are starting to make up for that. Portions are smaller here and I still try to be healthy, but I still love food…and have a sweet tooth. My sweet tooth will be my downfall, especially with the abundance of pastries, nutella, and nutella-like desserts. I don’t ever buy sweets to have at my place or desserts when I eat out, but the school provides pastries as part of our catered break everyday and my roommates keep nutella around and share it…a lot.

I had the best candy bar in the world tonight, which I picked up on a fanta limon run before pre-gaming. (Fanta limon + beer = “clara”, which will be the only way I drink beer from now on.) The candy bar was a light wafer covered in chocolate and filled with hazelnut cream and it was better than every candy bar available in America, even Twix. YUM!


You can definitely buy these on Amazon, btw.



Perfection in a jar.


The food in Madrid is awesome because there are so many different types of it, like Senegalese, my new favorite cuisine. Today we went to a Senegalese restaurant (for the second time) in Lavapies called Baobab. It is so good, I love the spices used in African food! The rice is like a cross between rice as we know it and couscous. The veggies (of course, I got the veggie dish the first time I went) include the good stuff like eggplant and less common things like yucca and another bitter, purple something that is my new favorite vegetable even though I’m not sure if that’s even what it is. Lavapies is a great neighborhood to visit if you want to eat Indian or African food. It’s a very eclectic neighborhood.



Fish version of the veggie dish I got the first time I went to Baobab. I've been twice in two weeks.



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