Third time’s the charm

12 Oct

Some friends and I really tried to do a lot of things today. We tried to go to the Reina Sofia museum, which is usually open and free today, but it was closed for the holiday. NBD, we were told that the Thyssen museum was free today, too, so we went there. It looked awesome, but wasn’t free…and today we were only looking for free things to do. On the third try we succeeded and went to Prado museum. I’ve been once since I got to Madrid, but the first time was only for about 45 minutes because we were all tired, hungry and hungover, ha.


Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Everyone raves about this museum so I can't wait to go!



In front of Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. "Siempre pagas." I'll go back after I get my first check, ha.


Prado is huge! It has classical paintings and sculptures, unlike the other two that house modern and contemporary artwork. I appreciate all art, but am usually a little less drawn to the portraits and still-life paintings that make up a lot of Prado. I really did like the art depicting the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and I LOVED the work by Francisco de Goya! He was incredibly talented. The faces of his portraits are so realistic they almost look like photographs. I especially like some of his smaller paintings that weren’t commissioned work. My favorite of those was “Flight of the Witches”.  I also loved “Naked Maja” and “Clothed Maja”, which hang right beside each other. Besides being great paintings, they kind of made us laugh.


"Naked Maja" and "Clothed Maja" by Goya



"Flight of the Witches" by Goya


I definitely took “Flight of the Witches” as gory because of the name, but it’s explanation set the record straight and is what made this painting my favorite from today. The hats worn by the “witches” resemble the hats of religious leaders and the masonic snakes on the hats represent knowledge. The “witches” are breathing wisdom into this person, saving them from ignorance, which is represented by the donkey and two men covering their eyes and ears. (I definitely thought the “witches” were eating someone and the men were running away.) Cool, right?



Front of Museo del Prado.



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