Festival for Many

13 Oct

Yesterday (10/12) was a national holiday in Spain, which is why I had a five-day weekend 🙂 I asked various Spanish people for about a week and a half what the holiday was for and never got a straight answer. People either shrugged and said “I don’t know or said they had “no interest celebrating the day that guy came and killed all my people.” (So sorry for asking!). Naturally, I had to Google to find the answer. It turns out there were several things being celebrated. First, yes, it was Columbus day (sorry again!). Second, it was “Dia de la Fiesta Nacional de España” or Day of the National Feast of Spain. Third, it was the the religious Feast Day of the Virgin of Pilar, and last but not least it was Armed Forces Day.

There was a parade and fly-over to celebrate the Armed Forces Day part of the holiday. Some friends and I tried to find and watch it (we tired a lot of things yesterday) but we barely missed end of it. I did, however, catch some of the fly-over and took some terrible video of it that I thought I would share. (I hope the link works…I had to put it in a powerpoint so let me know if it doesn’t!)


flyover movie


One Response to “Festival for Many”

  1. Andre Staton October 14, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

    It’s great that you are learning spain’s culture and people. Your blog was short and sweet. I will put it in my favorites.

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