6 Nov

Monday through Thursday flew by easily this week so I must be getting used to my schedule (thank goodness!). There are, however, other little things about Spain that I am still getting used to…

  • Cheek-kissing vs hand-shaking. People probably think I am socially awkward since I always still stick out my hand for a shake. While I think it’s cute to kiss your friends on the cheek, it’s still a little weird to do it to strangers. (What if they’re dirty?!)
  • Crosswalks. In Madrid, the crosswalks are about 15-20 yards from the actual corner. This not only means that you have to walk down the street to cross, but also that if you don’t a car will probably hit you since they pull all the way up to the crosswalk before stopping for the red light.
  • Coca-Cola Light. It just isn’t good at all. Thankfully, there is always Coke Zero.
  • Lack of tall people. I’m still not used to people looking at my feet all the time. No, they aren’t looking at a cute pair of shoes I have on or noticing that I haven’t gotten a pedicure in months, they think I must be wearing 6 inch heels. Dear people on the metro and in the street, yes, I am just this tall.
  • Unrefrigerated dairy products. Milk and eggs are not refrigerated and I don’t know why. There is cold milk at the store that comes in a plastic container, but it comes at a price. There is boxed milk on the shelf that doesn’t expire for a year, and, naturally, I buy it because it’s cheaper despite the fact that it doesn’t taste exactly the same…



One Response to “Idiosyncrasies”

  1. Kaley November 6, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    1) Coke Light sucks. Hard.
    2) I too am tall. I’m 5’11”. And people here certainly find that notable.
    3) I’ve noticed that, while they don’t refrigerate eggs in the store, my boyfriend’s mother definitely keeps them in the fridge. The milk…well, it’s okay. I definitely prefer fresh milk but when it’s 2x the price, you know what we poor auxiliares go for.

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