Kind of shopping

25 Nov

I’ve been really good about not shopping so far. I wish I didn’t have to try not to shop, but right now I’d rather spend my money traveling. However, I did go to El Rastro to do a little Christmas shopping for my family.  El Rastro is like an open-air farmers’ market but with accessories, clothes and gifts instead of food. Prices are usually pretty reasonable and some of the things are really unique so I was able to do all of my Christmas shopping there!

There are some stores I am dying to spend money in, though! (Mango, Mulaya, Bershka, Top Shop, etc.) It looks like I will have to whether I actually wanted to or not. It’s still “Autumn” here and I am already in my warmest clothes, including the daily usage of gloves, which no true Spaniard has been spotted in yet. Apparently, when Winter really gets here it is going to be colder than North Carolina ever could be. I’ll at least try to hold out until the super sale in January. (It’s super because everything everywhere is on sale. There’s one in the summer, too, in case anyone wants to plan a trip around it 😉 )



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