Oh, hey!

18 Dec

So, I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I can explain. The week after Thanksgiving I was busy getting ready to visit the U S of A for the December puente. (Yes, there is about a week and a half break in the beginning of December in Spain PLUS the Christmas and New Years break. Why even have any class this month?) Then I was at home visiting friends and family, so naturally I took a break from blogging.

Being home was wonderful! I am so happy I could see my loved ones around the holidays. I was able to stay for 8 days, but that definitely wasn’t enough time to see everyone (so sorry!). Ice-skating and taking pictures in downtown Charlotte officially made it Christmas for me. I’ve always loved the lights, the enormous ornaments downtown and the decorations in Founders Hall!

Posing with a reindeer and taking a break from the freezing wind outside!

I also spent a few days in Florida with my boyfriend and we went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert. It was AWESOME! If you haven’t gone to one of their concerts I definitely recommend it. This TSO show had rock-n-roll remixes of classic songs and tons of laser lights and smoke. Very cool.

One of the first songs at the TSO concert

Being home was the perfect start to the Christmas season! So far it looks like Christmas in Madrid will be very fun. I can’t wait!



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