Christmas Time is Here!

21 Dec

This past weekend was apparently THE weekend for Christmas parties. Most people I know had their work parties last week or weekend and all of my friends had their parties Friday and Saturday. Most Spaniards spend the holidays in their home towns with family, so I guess that made last weekend prime party time. Between stuffing myself at various dinners, the constant drinking of beer and wine, and party hoping I managed to make myself sick to my stomach by Sunday night…but it was worth it!

Needless to say, I like the way people here celebrate. They really go all out! Speaking of which, secret santa is a big deal. All the teachers and assistants at my school drew names last Tuesday and so far pre-gifts and clues have been left every single day. (Of course, myself and the other assistants have not been leaving as many since we didn’t know how seriously Spaniards take this tradition, lol!) My school is also hosting two Christmas meals for staff members and an entire week of “class” dedicated to crafts, learning a song, watching a moving and practicing for their Christmas pageant for this Thursday. I love my job.



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