13 Jan

My boyfriend and I got back to Madrid after 12 straight days of travel last Saturday night happy, exhausted and a little dirty (we had lost the shampoo and conditioner we had brought a few days before coming home). Our trip was absolutely AMAZING! In the end, we got the chance to hang out in 5 different cities in 3 different countries. We took tons of pictures and videos (most of which I will put on Facebook rather than here), but I’ll just give y’all some of the highlights.

Our first stop was Granada, Spain. Granada was such an adorable city. The highlights for me were La Alhambra and the live flamenco show! We also liked the Cathedral, which was beautiful, and a bar we found with good American music… aka lots of Rhiana (Spaniards love her!).

First day in Granada! Not as cold as Madrid but still chilly!

The first day there we went to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel. It was the biggest church with some of the prettiest architecture I’d ever seen until visiting some of the other places we went on our trip. Either way, it’s still in the top 5! My favorite part of the Cathedral was the organ, it blew me away!

This is one of the two sets of organ pipes in the middle of the Cathedral.


The main altar.

The second day, we went to La Alhambra, which is a huge palace complex that took us almost an entire day to get through. It literally had a miniature city inside of its walls! Turns out that a lot of other castles and palaces were modeled after this one, so it’s cool that we got to go there first. (We definitely saw a LOT of palaces, castles and cathedrals, lol. They were all breathtaking, though.)

This courtyard-oasis was my favorite part of La Alhambra and is one of the oldest parts of the palace.

Shot from the Generalife Gardens across from the actual palace.

Great view from the top of La Alhambra!

 That night, we went to a flamenco show for dinner. So far in Madrid, I had only seen a Flamenco ballet, which ended up being mostly ballet and maybe 10 minutes of what I thought Flamenco would be. This show was REAL flamenco! I couldn’t blink I was so into the solos and watching the footwork. The restaurant-bar had great drinks and tapas and the dancers danced their butts off!

Action shot

Dinner was good. Beau really liked what he ordered-it was probably his favorite meal the whole trip. I ordered shrimp (yes, for my time abroad I have gone from vegetarian to mostly vegetarian but sometimes pescatarian). The shrimp, or maybe more appropriately called “prawns”, had their heads and everything else still attached. After eating a little of two of them that Beau had to de-head and gut for me I gave him the rest and remembered why I decided to be a vegetarian in the first place, LOL!

Granada was very different from Madrid. You could definitely see the Arabian influence in all of the Moorish architecture, which made it the perfect destination before heading to Morocco… More to come!



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