21 Jan

I thought New Years Eve deserved a special mention all its own. Not because it was the best party of my life or anything. Because it was…interesting.

First let me explain one of my observations about Tangier. There are men everywhere! Not people, almost only men. It is especially noticeable when you stop in one of the many cafes, which are also everywhere. They all have outdoor seating, they all primarily serve coffee or tea with fresh leaves in it (maybe a few pastries), and they are all full of male patrons that will only sit facing the street, somewhat creepily watching people walk by all day. (Sometimes there may be a couple or group of women, but they usually sat upstairs.) Beau and I ventured into a couple of these and it was perfectly fine…just different.

That little bit of information may make more sense of our NYE experience in Tangier. We walked down the boulevard by the beach to pick from one of the clubs there. They were all fairly expensive (40 euros, no drinks included), so we decided on one that ended up letting me in for free…but then required both of us to buy a drink at 10 euro each. Some deal, right?! But whatever, it was New Years.

At around 12:30 we noticed that it was still mostly men in the “club” and that the entertainment, 3 overweight belly dancers, hadn’t gotten any better. We had also noticed a lot of younger girls showing up all dolled up (I guess that’s the best way to put it), so we figured a change in dancers would come at any moment. It didn’t. These younger girls took off their coats, checked in, then made their way to seemingly predetermined tables.

That’s right, they were working girls. Needless to say, we left a little over an hour later and despite how cute my NYE top was I ended up keeping my jacket on the whole night. After all, I didn’t want to be confused as a working girl, ha!

A "club" throwing a New Years Eve "party" Tangier style...(I guess, ha!)

Anyway, we both decided it would definitely be a NYE we wouldn’t forget…and at least we got to spend it together!



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