El Escorial

27 Feb

El Escorial is by far the cutest town I’ve been to yet! I went with some friends on Saturday and we had the perfect girls trip. We wandered around the town for a couple of hours before going into the palace. It’s right at the base of some mountains and every nook and cranny is adorable! Right in front of El Escorial are a bunch of charming restaurants and cafes, tree-lined streets and sunny plazas. The weather was so nice that we had a picnic lunch in one of the plazas, then we got in line to see the palace.

Overlooking one of the plazas with the palace in the background.

Another cute plaza!

Amanda (right) and Kyla making sandwiches. "It's not a picnic without juice boxes."

The palace is ENORMOUS! We must have only seen a quarter of it, and that took two hours even though we moved at a good pace. (I don’t know it the entire palace is open to the public, though.) Besides it being chilly inside (stone walls will do that!) it was really interesting. There were tons of different types of rooms. We walked through a construction museum, art collections, the king’s bedroom, a crypt, a library and more. My absolute favorite parts of the palace were the ceiling of the basilica and the library. Even though you aren’t allowed to take pictures, I took plenty to share with y’all!

AMAZING! Murals like this continued into the chapel area as well. There must have been at least five of them.

The library brought back memories of my Medieval music class senior year! (LOL Sarah!)

We stayed until El Escorial closed then went across the street to the most precious cafe. It was a little girl’s dream for grow-ups! Everything was antique looking and a garden mural covered the walls and ceiling. They only served tea, coffee and hot chocolate (and maybe a few snacks). The hot chocolate was the best I’ve had in Spain so far and the tea was Earl Grey (impressive, haha).We were definitely those girls being giddy and taking tons of pictures.

Cafe Carlos III

Perfect end to the day!



2 Responses to “El Escorial”

  1. vanessa February 28, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    what beautiful murals on the ceilings and walls! I am glad you shared this fun “girls” excursion.

  2. Andrew Petcher April 3, 2011 at 6:30 am #

    Thanks for this. I went to El Escorial last year but didn’t have time to visit the palace. I need to go back.

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