Hablas Español todavía?

17 May

An update on fluency: I’ve been told “has mejorado much en Español!” by people like my landlord or parents of kids I tutor, which is them saying I have improved a lot. Yay!

While this is exciting (not that I had any way to go but up, lol), there’s still a ton I don’t know.

Some days I feel particularly confident in my Spanish conversation skills. This usually results in me saying something I mistakenly think I know or am able to pronounce. This happened in Alicante. I was so proud of Laura and myself because we were speaking a lot in Spanish since it was the only common language we shared with our host. We were chatting it up on the beach when I thought I would offer everyone some peanuts I had brought for a snack.

Me: “Alguien quiere cashew-tays?”

Roberto y Laura: “Que dices?”

Me: “Cashew-tays. Sabes? Estos (pointing to my bag of peanuts).”

Roberto: (still looks confused)

Laura: (bursts out laughing)

Me: “What?! I know this word! You spell it CACAHUATES. Ya know, cashew-tays”

Laura: “No, dear, it’s kakaoowates.”

Roberto and Laura: (laugh at me extensively)

Oh well, at least I try.



One Response to “Hablas Español todavía?”

  1. vanessa May 17, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    you may always make some mistakes. however i bet you are signiicantly improved. i hope you will be willing to ‘show off” a little when you are back in charlotte. i love you and miss you..mom

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