I’m Strange? Creo que no!

5 Jul

I wrote a post right after arriving to Madrid about things I would have to get used to. (Being tall, eating a real breakfast, being a vegetarian, not drinking ALL the time, etc.) I got used to some, and just accepted that some Spaniards will just continue thinking I’m strange when it comes to others. After being here for nine and a half months, though, I think the weirdos might be them.

  • Dear middle-age to old Spanish women, I know it was expensive and I know it’s pretty, but if its 65 degrees outside MAYBE a fur coat is too much. (This goes to younger people, too, who were still sporting pea coats, scarves and gloves!)
  • On the flip side: I know it’s necessary to be “en la moda”, dear annoying Spanish teenagers, but boots when it’s about 100 degrees outside is a little beyond commitment to fashion!
  • I eat dinner between 7:30 and 9pm. This fact should not result in an entire third grade class (including the teacher) to make exclamations and raise their brows about how unimaginably early that is. I think eating dinner between 10:30pm and 12:30am is much more shocking.
  • If food is free, I am going to eat it…A LOT of it. Free food doesn’t seem to excite Spaniards. Weird!
  • Peanut butter isn’t sold many places in Europe, and I have come to find that a lot of Europeans actually hate how it tastes. (I can understand that coming from the people of Belgium since they have Speculos spread, which is SO much better!) Obviously that makes pb&j sandwiches less than a big hit here, but with bocadillos stuffed with fried calamari or tortilla Española (potato-packed omelet/ carb overload), one can hardly call any sandwich strange.

I mean all of this with love, of course. Spanish culture is different from American culture in several ways (including efficiency of pretty much everything, haha), but I like it. Spanish people love to enjoy life, like to talk a lot and are very proud of their history. I am lucky to have gotten to experience it, but I do hope I can shake the chronically-WAY-too-late habit I have started to adopt (aka “Spanish time”, which is approximately 45 minutes to 1.4 hours late). As if I was ever all that great about being early anyway!



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