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31 Jan

I know I’ve said this about a few places now, but I really wish Beau and I had more time in Lisbon! It was so different from Spain and Morocco! The architecture seemed like a mix of northern and southern Europe with its own flair mixed into it…not that I know much about architecture. I think the best way I can describe the cities of Lisbon and Sintra is enchanted.

Whimsical train station.

Arco da Rua Augusta

Old elevator with a view of the city center.

We stayed just a few blocks away from the water in the middle of the Lisbon. The city was always lively! It had a trolley, cobble stone sidewalks, perfectly cooked cod and barrio alto. We bar hopped in barrio alto our last night there, not that you need to actually bar hop since you can drink in the streets! It’s like one big block party, plus drinks were strong and fairly cheap! After a couple of stops we ended up just buying a bottle to split while we walked around.

We spent most of one of our days in Portugal in Sintra, a town just outside of Lisbon. It’s a super cute town built on a mountain with four or five different castles. We only chose two to visit while we were there, the Moorish castle and the Pena Palace. Beau’s favorite was the Moorish castle, which once served as a fortress for the royal family. Mostly just the exterior is left, but it was cool (and a little scary for me) to walk along the walls and climb up the watch towers. Plus the views were breathtaking!

I literally crawled up the steps of this tower, haha.

He really loved it.

Pena Palace was my favorite, and still is one of the top sites I’ve visited in Europe! It is a Disney movie palace. It’s purple, yellow and red with spiral stair cases and a ballroom inside! We weren’t able to take pictures of the interior, but the rooms of the king, queen and princess still have furniture and decor dating back to the 14th to 18th centuries. It’s exactly what you would think a palace would be! It sits on the highest mountain in the area and is surrounded by forest and gardens that reminded me of the movie Secret Garden. Really, the whole place made me feel like a little girl who was being shown proof that princes and princesses are real! I loved it!

I am SO excited...and cold!

Front of the palace (really, just part of the front)

Back of the palace

We ended our trip to Lisbon at the Oceanarium. It has one of the largest salt water tanks in the world! It was really cool because you are able to see all of the animals up close. Some of the penguins and other sea birds were literally a foot away from us and the sharks and giant manta rays saw right up to the glass! It was a great way to spend the afternoon before getting on the plane back to Madrid (especially since it was raining, haha). I can’t wait ’til my next trip!