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8 Mar

Last weekend was the beginning of Carnival in Cadiz, which I hear is one of the largest in the world, and I was there! It was a quick trip but I got to check a lot of things off of my “Things To Do While In Spain” list.

#1- Botellon. This is the name for groups of people drinking in the streets. Younger people do it in Madrid, Sevilla and wherever all the time, but apparently the police are cracking down on it. (But judging by how blatant and often they are, probably not!) Saturday night is Cadiz was, simply put, one ENORMOUS, all day botellon, DJ included. Check!

Botellon/block party around 6pm...it got much more crowded later.

#2- Go camping. I have random and somewhat frequent desires to do outdoorsy things. Hiking is one of them, which I have done while and Spain, and camping is another. Like every other time I have gone camping, it was not all that rustic. We did squeeze five people in one tent (great for staying warm at night), and there was no grill or electricity, but there were bathrooms, showers and a cafe next door to the camp ground. Not to mention, the beach was right across the street! Check!

Our 'hotel room' for the weekend!

#3- Road trip. I knew I wouldn’t get to go on a road trip unless I found a Spaniard to drive. Luckily, my friend is dating a Spanish guy! The trip from Madrid to Cadiz was a typical 6.5 hour, picnic dinner, Cosmo-reading, play-trivia-on-an-iPhone road trip and it was so much fun! On the way back we made a couple of impromptu stops in Rota and Jerez. Rota is pretty beach resort town where we stopped for cones of fried seafood (YUM!). Jerez is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Nothing was really open since it was Sunday afternoon, but I would definitely go back t visit the Alcazar, cathedral and Tio Pepe winery!

Outside of the Alcazar in Jerez.

Basilica in Jerez.

 #4- Go to a Carnival. There are several carnivals in Spain in the spring. I’ve asked a few Spaniards why they celebrate and no one had a definite answer, so I’ve concluded it’s like Halloween or St. Patrick’s day in the U.S. – just another excuse to party! Spaniards take their costumes seriously, too. There weren’t many sexy secretaries or naughty nurses (and the ones I did see were probably American girls), but there were a lot of cross-dressing men. Most people were either super creative or had bought full on, head-to-toe get-ups. Basically, Carnival in Cadiz is the equivalent to Halloween in the states if you multiplied Franklin Street by 100. Check!

Amy (left) as a white board and an octopus with bush...because why not?

Needless to say, it was a great trip! Besides the day drinking and block party (which definitely got more and more sloppy and dirty the later it got, LOL), the city of Cadiz is right on the coast with palm trees and old architecture. Breathtaking!

Part of a huge church in the center of the city.

Literally RIGHT on the coast!