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8 Apr

In one word, Venice elegant. Even though Amsterdam has its share of waterways throughout the city, Venice is unlike any other city I’ve visited. It’s one thing to have channels every other block, it’s another thing for your front door to open up to a small pier! There are, of course, streets and plazas, but boats are the main mode of transportation. Even the “metro” and “taxis” are boats!

Police boat on patrol on Canal Grande.

We were only in Venice for about 5 hours while on our way to Cinque Terre and it was worth every minute! Originally we thought we would have to cut it out of our trip completely, but we both wanted to go so we spent half a day there. The weather was foggy, which usually makes for a dreary day, but Venice was beautiful even in bad weather! In fact, I think the fog added to the decaying beauty of the city.

Row of gondolas, restaurants and hotels on Canal Grande.

Riding down Canal Grande on the "metro", much cheaper than a gondola!

The first thing we did in Venice was ride down the main canal. We opted for public transportation since gondola rides are 80-100 euros (with the option to put up to 6 people in a boat to split it, so not so bad for groups). We got off at the end, in Plaza San Marco, and checked out the basilica, ate gelato (twice) and pizza, then wandered back to the train station on side streets and bridges. The food was amazing (of course!) and the basilica was beautiful and cool to see since the architecture was so different from Spanish cathedrals (which we have now seen a lot of, haha).

San Marco Basilica

Standing in an "intersection", aka a bridge.

Shopping street

We shopped around for t-shirts and tried Vin Brule (hot red wine sweetened and spiced, YUM!) before getting on our train to Cinque Terre. I would definitely want to go back to Venice in the spring, I bet it’s even prettier then!