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Thanksgiving in Spain

27 Nov

Thanksgiving in Madrid was a huge success! I think we all missed our friends and family, home and some of the things Spain just doesn’t have, but we all enjoyed each other’s company. My Thanksgiving started Thursday with an unofficial dinner at my friend Laura’s apartment with her Spanish roommates. We had breakfast for dinner because we thought that concept and breakfast food were the most different from a typical Spanish meal. Her roommates were so excited! One of them made pumpkin cake in honor of Thanksgiving and another girl printed each of us a copy of the national anthem and had us all sing it in honor of America and us Americans. (By the way, we completely butchered it! Not one of us could sing in tune even with the video pulled up on YouTube, ha.) The menu was French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and mimosas, in case you were wondering.

Friday was our traditional-as-possible American Thanksgiving dinner. A big group of Auxiliares, plus a few English, French, Australian and Spanish friends, got together at my friend Siury’s apartment and we each brought out favorite Thanksgiving dish (needless to say, there were plenty of desserts…and lots of alcohol!). It turned out amazing!

Spending Thanksgiving with friends. (From Left) Our hostess Siury, Juany, me and Katy.

I made a broccoli and corn casserole and sweet cooked carrots (I was going for a Cracker Barrel veggie plate meal), Laura made stuffing (ALWAYS my favorite Thanksgiving food), Jeta made sweet potatoes, Jaylene and Kyla made amazing apple pies (from scratch!), and people who actually eat meat brought a small turkey (or maybe a chicken?) and KFC (keeping it classy). There was enough food for everyone to have seconds. I think our foreign friends were very impressed.

Nacho at his first American Thanksgiving. This picture sums up the general feeling after Thanksgiving dinner, haha.

Like I said, Thanksgiving here was a success. I’m so thankful to have found such great friends in Madrid to be my family while I’m away from home 🙂

Catching the metro before it closes for the night with our clean plates and a bean bag chair?




1 Oct

Today was my first “official” day working at my school, and it was pretty much exactly like when I visited yesterday. There was no predetermined schedule for me, I mostly observed and left early. Things definitely take longer to get done here (and less efficiently at that) than in the states, and the same goes for my work schedule. I did get to participate in three classes instead of just one, though. My first two classes were with second grade and my last was with fourth grade. The kids at the school are awesome and super cute. They love to ask me questions, hug, kiss on the cheek, touch my hair or comment on how tall I am, ha. (One class apparently asked the teacher whether or not I had heels on after I left the room, lol!) The fourth graders were the same group of kids I observed yesterday and they remembered me, which is exciting 🙂 I hope I get to work with them permanently. I think I may prefer the older kids.

Since there’s no super exciting news about my first day of work, I thought I would introduce y’all to some of the friends I’ve made here. They are all such good people, so helpful and so fun! I have always been blessed with amazing friends and my friends in Madrid are no exception.


My friend Siury (DR/NYC) and I walking around the city.

From Left: me, Katie (NYC), Juani (TX) and Jetta (PN) meeting for drinks.