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Hablas Español todavía?

17 May

An update on fluency: I’ve been told “has mejorado much en Español!” by people like my landlord or parents of kids I tutor, which is them saying I have improved a lot. Yay!

While this is exciting (not that I had any way to go but up, lol), there’s still a ton I don’t know.

Some days I feel particularly confident in my Spanish conversation skills. This usually results in me saying something I mistakenly think I know or am able to pronounce. This happened in Alicante. I was so proud of Laura and myself because we were speaking a lot in Spanish since it was the only common language we shared with our host. We were chatting it up on the beach when I thought I would offer everyone some peanuts I had brought for a snack.

Me: “Alguien quiere cashew-tays?”

Roberto y Laura: “Que dices?”

Me: “Cashew-tays. Sabes? Estos (pointing to my bag of peanuts).”

Roberto: (still looks confused)

Laura: (bursts out laughing)

Me: “What?! I know this word! You spell it CACAHUATES. Ya know, cashew-tays”

Laura: “No, dear, it’s kakaoowates.”

Roberto and Laura: (laugh at me extensively)

Oh well, at least I try.




19 Feb

I am still learning Spanish, but sometimes I think I’m not the only one around here that needs to be practicing! My slightly southern North Carolinian, very American accent surely doesn’t help me sound like a Spaniard BUT my name is actually of Spanish origin. It’s even spelled the same (sin the accent over the “i”). However, the woman at Starbucks last weekend managed to completely butcher it.

This is what my name turned into. Lost in translation?

Bripsa. That’s what the woman behind the counter heard when I said Marisa. I even said my name with Spanish pronunciation! I may not know a ton of Spanish but I definitely know my name, so this time I don’t think it was me. I didn’t even go up to get my coffee at first that’s how different it sounded! My friends experienced minor additions and subtractions to their names, too. Gabrielle was “Gabriel” and Stephanie was “Estephanie”, haha.


Dia Tres

23 Sep

Today has been my favorite day so far, I think I’m starting to get comfortable with the city.

I slept in again, which I blame on still being jet-lagged. Afterward, I ran a few errands around my neighborhood and grabbed lunch, where I had yet another version of a vegetable sandwich. In my three days in Madrid I have eaten three vegetable sandwiches. One every day, each on a different type of bread with slightly different ingredients and all for around 3 Euro each. I’ve learned from eating these sandwiches that the mayonnaise over here is AWESOME! I, like most people I know, don’t really like mayonnaise, but over here it isn’t so thick and has so much more flavor. The coffee also has more flavor, making it also better than the American version.

I had a very unsuccessful conversation with a stranger while I was having lunch. An old man, who may or may not have been drinking for awhile, attempted to ask me where I was from then tell me that I was pretty. I should have been able to understand both of those things but he managed to not use any of the vocabulary I have learned in all my years of taking Spanish. He also seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I am not from Santo Domingo nor am I Cuban. On the upside, at least he said I was pretty, ha ha.

After lunch I went to orientation where I continued to fail at the Spanish language. Half of orientation was in Spanish, and hopefully that half didn’t have important information because I hardly understood a word. (Why can’t people speak just a little slower?!) I’m not too confident that I will ever have the ability to completely master any foreign language at this point. Then again, it’s only the third day. Despite the language barrier and the fact that I was 20 minutes late (Surprised? The building really was hard to find, though) orientation was fun and the people in my program are great…and already basically fluent in Spanish.

Wish me luck!


My orientation building...Did I mention that I was already 15 minutes late by the time I was actually trying to find it?