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Hi, November!

3 Nov

I can’t believe it’s already November! AND that the first week of November is almost over! Time has been flying by, but it also feels like I’ve been here awhile now.

I am sad to say that November was not rung in with an huge Halloween celebration the night before. (Of course, with the exception of my awesome trip to Salamanca on Friday!) In fact, Halloween was kind of a bust and didn’t even come close to Chapel Hill. I guess I was expecting too much. I was told that Halloween is a relatively new holiday here (people my age didn’t even know what it was when they were younger and still aren’t into it now), but I figured there would be way more parties on the 31st. All Saints Day on November 1st is a much bigger deal here (and kind of┬ásolemn), so I’m guessing that partly accounts for all the closed bars on Sunday night.

The people that were out did dressed up…a lot! For the most part, people from Madrid only dress as 4 things, all of which are actually scary (witch, vampire, zombie/ other type of dead person, devil). The American and English people here, though, reminded me of being on Franklin Street ­čÖé There was a group of English people dressed as calvary men, some American girls I know were the characters from Alice in Wonderland, and I even saw a couple of decked out┬áStar Wars characters. My favorite costume, though, was an American guy, 21 years old or less, who dressed as an abono de transportes (aka monthly metro pass). It was cheap and creative….cardboard and marker. Definitely something that would’ve been on Franklin Street!



The abono with our abonos!




25 Oct

Halloween is this weekend and the celebration has already started at my school. From elementary to high school I went to private Christian schools, so Halloween was very minimal if really addressed at all. At my school in Mazanares, though, it’s a pretty big deal. The teachers there have been mentioning Halloween to the other assistants and I since almost day one and it looks like the holiday is going to take up about 80% of the week. That is totally fine with me if the rest of the week is like today! In my first period, we started watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is definitely one of my favorite childhood movies (and it was even in English!). ┬áThen, another assistant and I brainstormed more crafts and decorations for the week during second period. On Monday I’, always free third period, so I checked my e-mail. Fourth period I hung decorations and he two periods after lunch I did prep work for tomorrow’s crafts. Pretty sweet day! If the rest of the week keeps up like this AND I get to go party in Salamanca AND come back to Madrid for the Halloween parties then it’s going to be a great week!

Fun fact: Halloween is a very new holiday in Spain, maybe a decade or two. November first, though, is All Saints Day and has been celebrated here for ages with family and a feast similar to our Thanksgiving.