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We Trust in What?!

24 Oct

I love Saturdays! They are always so much fun.

Yesterday some friends and I went to a Madrid Lions rugby match. We met a couple of guys on the team the first week we were here and have now made friends with most of them. The weather has been awesome here (so far it’s always sunny and warm in the afternoon and cool in the evening) so it was the perfect weekend thing to do. Plus rugby is slightly similar to football, which is one of the things from home I am definitely missing! The Lions won (yay!) and we met up with the team later to go out…which worked out much better than when we were supposed to go out with the basketball players after their game!


This picture sums up what mostly goes on during a rugby match. I'm still not sure of all of the rules.


Score Clip

After the match, one of my friends and I wanted to go to a free concert we had heard about and grab some dinner before meeting back up with the team to go out. We got to the venue and the band was singing in English, to my surprise, and was kind of bluegrass/rock, also to my surprise. The Europeans were really into the music, and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty good. The band included bongo drums and regular drums, guitar, someone shaking something, a tambourine and a harmonica. The harmonica player was killing it! We were starting to get into it, too, UNTIL…


We trust is WHAT?!


I know it’s a blurry picture and my flash clearly wasn’t on but yes, that sign says “In Hell We Trust”. If I thought the audience was into it before then I don’t know what to call what happened during this song. It started normal, people were dancing and it sounded similar to the other songs. Everyone knew the chorus to this one but I still couldn’t quite catch the words, until they pulled out this sign. I turned to my friend amazed, but she thought they were saying “In God we Trust”. Clearly she had yet to see the sign. The crowd and band went on to fervently chant the chorus for about 4 minutes.

I really wanted to believe that all of these Spanish people just didn’t know what they were saying and maybe the band just did cover songs in English, but they didn’t really get it either. Clearly I knew better, but I wanted to give these people the benefit of the doubt. Then I started to wonder what kind of free concert this was and what was really going on here. After it had officially got weird we left IMMEDIATELY. My friend and I looked at each other and both pointed in the direction of the exit at the same time.

Of course, I whipped out my camera to record some of the concert at one point, I think I managed to not record the song mentioned above, ha. (P.S. these videos open, right?)


WTF Concert Clip


Fin de Semana

3 Oct

I can’t say that this weekend was much needed since I haven’t really started working yet, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fun and relaxing! Last night (Friday) I met up with two friends for late wine and tapas. We went to a hole-in-the-wall cafe/bar in my neighborhood that serves free tapas with each round of drinks. After three glasses of white wine (the third one was on the house, awesome), I am a little sad to say I was pretty tipsy. I don’t where my tolerance has gone since I graduated, lol!

This morning (Saturday) I FINALLY got up and went on a run! I ran 5 kilometers, which is only 3.1 miles but I guess that’s not terrible considering I haven’t been seriously working out for maybe 3 weeks. Afterward I got to spend some quality time with my roommates, nap and go out. (Not a bad Saturday!) Tonight my friends and I all met at an Irish pub for the Madrid Lions rugby season kick-off party…or something like that. Most of the players are from England, Wales and France. They are all nice and all speak better Spanish than I do. The theme was hats and wigs and the scene was similar to a sorority mixer except that there were actually more guys than girls, ha!



Burger King pit stop for Priscilla (far left) before the bar.



The beer helmet had to make it to the party. Such a classic.



Paul made his own hat, hence the tape.