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Cinque Terre

13 Apr

Finally arriving to Monterosso was so refreshing after the long train rides the day before. Our train from Venice to Milan had to stop for a repair, so we missed our train from Milan to Monterosso and had to take a different one to Genova and stay the night there, instead. It wasn’t all bad, though. The man at our hotel, which the train company paid for, and our server at the Kebab place, the only open restaurant by the time we got settled, were extremely nice and helpful!

The next morning when we got off the train in Monterosso, the first this we saw was this…

This is the breach literally right in front of the train station!

Ahhhh 🙂 The town only got more beautiful the farther we walked and the more we saw. Clearly, we both fell in love with this place!

This door connected a tunnel to a cave that led to another beach area/ a short cut to the town.

Street shot

We stayed at Manuel’s Guesthouse, and I definitely suggest it if you’re staying in Monterosso. It sits above the town with great views and the nicest owner! (Now that I think about it, everyone in Italy was friendly and helpful.) Our time in Cinque Terre was super relaxed. We stopped in four of the five towns that line the coast to either hike the part of the trail that was open, eat gelato, buy wine, or just explore. Every town was just as beautiful as the one before and after it. Coming from the east coast of the United States, I had never seen vineyards and colorful buildings decorate a mountain side that dropped right into an aqua-blue ocean. It was breathtaking!

The view on our hike between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Vineyard in Monterosso

The main street in Vernazza. Italians are definitely patriotic!

If somewhere is this pretty even in the rain, it’s definitely worth a second visit! During season all of the trails are open, as are boat rides between the cities and sea kayak rentals. Pair all of that with delicious pesto gnocchi and a veggie calzone I had during our stay…see you soon Cinque Terre!