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En Las Nubes

13 Nov

Today I went hiking at Parque de Natural Penalara and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was a hike with the church I attend in Madrid, but our car got lost on the way (of course) so it ended up just being me, my two friends, one of my house mates and a friend he invited. We had a blast! And sung classic American songs such as “Baby got back” and “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain” while we hiked. ┬áHere are some pictures, enjoy!


Our group, minus one, getting ready to head up the mountain. Me, Amy, Laura and Jose.



Laura and I standing in the prairie at the foot of the mountain. (It's super cute and would be perfect for picnics or laying out when it's warm!)



Definitely not the N.C. mountains! Even at the beginning of the trail we are above the clouds.



At the top of the mountain...and it's snowing!




Bird's eye view.