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Buscas Trabaja?

12 Nov

“Buscas trabaja?”…that’s the question a random man asked my friends and I tonight while we were waiting to meet another friend at a metro stop. We were at the Opera house in a cute neighborhood off of Puerta del Sol. I wanted to sit down, but decided that I wouldn’t because real Spanish people hardly ever sit down as far asĀ  I can tell. Instead, I leaned against the closest building and that’s when this man walked up.

For those who have not already put “buscas trabaja” into Google translator, it means “Are you looking for work?” Of course, my friends and I are here teaching English and all also teach private classes so we aren’t looking for anymore work. What a silly and random question, right? So, naturally, I answered this random man in English. “What?”

He responded, in perfectly clear English, “Are you looking for work?” We all answered no at the same time. After a pause my friend said, “Why do you ask?” To which this random man answered with a completely straight face and serious tone, “Because this is a whore house.”

OHHHHHHHHH…that kind of work.

Yes, I was leaning against the side of a whore house. (Did I mention that this cute neighborhood did happen to have a couple of brothels? We had already passed two by the time of this interaction and there was one across from the bar we ended up going to later.)

I think I said no 100 times in 1 second as I moved to the other side of the street. My two friends just kind of moved down the sidewalk and took a picture of the place. Since they were still close, the man tried coaxing one of them inside as a customer. (I guess he got the idea that work was out of the question.) The conversation went something like this:

Man: “You want to go in?”

Friend: “Oh, NO.”

M: “Why not?”

F: “I’m not looking for work…”

M: “Normal people come in too. Lots of Americans.”

F: “I’m not looking for a whore.”

M: “Normal people come in too…all the time, just to look.”

F: “No, thanks.”

Like I said before, prostitution is legal here. In fact, brothels are probably more likely to be more legal than the street. I know you’re dying to know why! Ha. Prostitution is only legal when you’re ‘registered’ and are paying taxes on the money you make. This is more likely in a place of business (whore house) than on the streets of Monterra and Fuencarral.




Day Prostitution

9 Oct

Several entries ago I mentioned seeing prostitutes out and that prostitution is legal, or at least completely over-looked, in Madrid. I didn’t have a picture at the time, but I was walking down Calle de Montera again today and took some pictures of the day-time prostitutes just for y’all! Since it was about 3:45 in the afternoon, the outfits aren’t completely outrageous. Like I said in my previous post, they are on the discrete side…as discrete as an obvious prostitute can be. Next time I will have to catch the night shift girls, they’re more…interesting, lol.

PS- I got these pictures by pretending to take pictures of two of my friends then zooming in behind them. Sneaky.



Just wearing a sweater as a dress and listening to her iPod, nbd.



They could almost pass for regular residents.