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26 Mar

In one word, Beau and I’s trip to Mallorca was relaxing. I’ve heard that Palma, Mallorca is a huge “spring beak” destination for Europeans, but since it’s still a little before season it was pretty calm while we were there. I hadn’t been to the beach for months before Cadiz and Mallorca, so needless to say I was excited to be on an island whether it was hot or not.

Sand, ocean, ridiculous sandcastle...I love the beach!

Mallorca is beautiful. We stayed a little outside of Palma, the main city on the island, and our hostel was about ten steps from the beach. Palma itself has most of the perks of a big Spanish city, like good shopping, bars, pedestrian walkways, amazing architecture, a huge cathedral and a McDonald’s, but it’s all on a smaller scale. We hung out in the city for a full day and let ourselves get lost on back streets and in different neighborhoods. While we were wondering we stumbled upon the cutest Sifoneria with local wine, some of the best I’ve ever tasted! The owner let us try several before we each picked a different red wine and had our own bottle poured for us out of barrels. Each bottle was less than 2 euro! (Gotta love that about Spain, haha!)

In front of the cathedral in Palma.

The Sifoneria. Notice the prices, they are per bottle!

We spent our second day in Mallorca on the other side of the island in Porto Cristo visiting Cuevas del Drach (caves of the dragon). It rained a little that day so it ended up being a positive to hang out underground, ha. The caves were incredible! And, as if it wasn’t cool enough to walk around a HUGE cave, Cuevas del Drach is home to one of the largest  underground lakes in the world and there was a classical music performance on rowboats lit up with white Christmas lights. Awesome.

In the cave (where we were not supposed to take pictures, haha.)

On a rowboat on underwater Lake Martel.

 My favorite things about Mallorca were the Sifoneria (seriously ask me where this place is if you like wine and are going to Palma!) and the people. Everyone was so nice! I would definitely go again!!