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More Cute Kids

6 Oct

I addition to teaching at my school, I am giving private lessons in English to make some extra money. I had my first private class yesterday (Tuesday) with a boy I refer to as “my 12-year-old crush”. I hope my kids (whenever I have any, of course) are like this little boy. He is adorable, super smart and plays 4 sports and the piano. Our first lesson was good, which is a relief since I have never really tutored anyone for anything and had no idea what I was doing. I have two little girls to tutor today and I am sure they will be just as adorable and easy (at least I hope so!).

Working at the school is still fun. I am already starting to choose favorites between my classes but still don’t know any of the students’ names. I was told not to worry about that, though, and that by the end of the week I will have the names of the bad kids memorized, ha.

I get a kick out of what a lot of the kids say. For example, a 3rd-grade boy told me his favorite animal is the hamster. I thought that was a very original answer. Other things are more shocking. For example, yesterday a 4th-grade girl was wearing a sweater that read, in English, “F.B.I Fabulous Body Inside” and jeans with cursive writing on the rear. Today, another 4th-grade girl proudly showed me a picture she drew that read “Playboy” and had the playboy bunny drawn below it so well that I think she had to have used a┬ástencil. The only response I could get out was “Oh, cool! You drew that?” Crazy kids.


Recreation of the sweater. To give the girl and her parents the benefit of the doubt maybe they didn't translate it.

Recreation of one girl's drawing sans all of the glitter. No idea how she knows about Playboy.